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Criminal Defense Lawyers and DUI Attorneys in Atlanta

We are trial lawyers.  We represent clients in civil and criminal cases in state and federal court.  We have tried over 150 jury trials and achieved remarkable results for our clients. Whether we are pursuing full compensation for you or fighting to preserve your liberty, our commitment, knowledge and courtroom experience will level the playing field for you.

We empathize with our clients as we see them through tragic events caused by the negligence of careless people and cold-hearted companies. We are diligent and thorough, making sure we leave nothing to chance in our cases. And we are not afraid to go toe to toe with the insurance companies, governments and corporations that stand between you and the justice you deserve.

We are trial, criminal defense and DUI lawyers in Atlanta.  That means we stand ready to go the distance.  If an insurance company or a prosecutor refuses to consider a fair resolution, we will not hesitate to try your case to a jury.

Call us. We will see you through whatever challenge confronts you.